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Maple is a strong and resilient wood with a uniform grain and smooth, even appearance.  Variations and subtle wood grain markings will occur and may include fine lines, wavy or curly figures.  Mineral streaks are common and will appear darker with stain.

Natural   Toffee   Mocha  

Espresso  Soft White 

Cherry is a durable, high-quality hardwood with a warm, natural reddish-brown tone.  This rich wood darkens with age and exposure to light.  Characteristics include a smooth wood grain pattern with random markings such as mineral streaks, pin knots, and curly graining.

Natural   Mocha 


Hickory is a naturally smooth, strong, tight-grained wood with flowing grain patterns.  This wood is recognized for its dramatic, rugged appearance and noticeable changes from light to dark across the wood grain.  Characteristics include mineral streaks, burls, and peck marks.



Oak is a very strong wood with distinct grain patterns and a slightly coarse texture.  This wood has noticeable differences in color between open and tight-grained areas which may create a color gradation when stain is applied. Variations in grain patterns may include pin stripes, fine lines, leafy grains, and watery figures.

Natural   Toffee Mocha  Espresso 

Important Note:  Actual color may vary from photographed images above or on printed materials.  Please ask to see an actual, current wood sample before placing your order.

The beauty of Ideal Cabinet’s finished cabinetry comes from the qualities of wood itself.  We select from a wide variety of solid cut wood and veneer materials in order to ensure each cabinet is of the highest quality and consistency. However, no two pieces of wood are exactly alike,whether cut from the same tree or two different trees, and variations in color and grain features may occur throughout your cabinetry. Appearance may also be affected by how the variations in material accept different finishes.  The variations are broad and can occur within a single drawer, door front, and face frame. This is the beauty of natural wood.  Over time, as wood ages and is exposed to different light, mellowing, a coloration change, may occur.  We call these characteristics to your attention because Ideal Cabinet nor your Ideal Cabinet dealer can be held responsible for the type or degree of variation you may experience in your cabinetry.