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Caring for your Ideal Cabinets properly will ensure you a lifetime of use and satisfaction.  Proper care is easy and includes attentive cleaning, polishing and careful avoidance of some harsh, potentially damaging household cleaners.


Immediately after completed installation, wipe cabinets clean with a soft, damp cloth and dry with a separate, clean cloth.  Always wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood.  Apply a thin coat of a high-quality polish that DOES NOT contain silicone or wax.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.  This will add extra protection from minor scratching, staining, and excessive moisture.


Wipe regularly with a dampened cloth; immediately wipe any spills dry .  To remove oil, grease, and daily spills, use a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Do not use your sink dishcloth to clean your cabinets as it may contain remnants of detergents or grease that could harm the cabinet finish.  Avoid harsh detergents, strong soaps, abrasive cleaners, and self-polishing paste or wax.


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